CC308 Review - CC308+ Bug Detector

CC308 Review – Full Range Spy Bug Detector (VIDEO)

In this video, Shaan M shows us the unboxing and review of the CC308+ Spy Bug Detector.

This is an anti-spy device that stops people from spying or eavesdropping on you. The Spy Bug Detector CC308+ lets you find spy cameras, GPS trackers, etc. The CC308+ is a great device for you when you are traveling to see if anyone has setup a spy camera in your hotel room or where you are staying so you can be aware and stop it from happening.

The CC308+ Spy Bug Detector has red led laser lights and a red filter screen so you can find a small camera hidden if it is not connected to a wifi or if it is you can use the scroll wheel to adjust the frequency to find the network connected device.

VIDEO: Spy Bug Detector CC308+ Review

After watching, endeavor to share your thoughts on the CC308+ Full-range all-round detector device, which is sold on SPY-TV in retail packaging.