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Imitation Dome Fake Security Camera Dummy with Flashing Blinking LED Red Light is sold and distributed by SPY-TV. This dummy CCTV security camera is an inexpensive way to protect your home or office from thieves and criminals.



Imitation Dome Fake Security Camera Dummy with Flashing LED Red Light

Now you can deter robbery, theft, vandalism and other criminal activities without the high cost of a real security camera, with this fake version. The dummy camera is designed for quick and simple installation and gives a feeling of security without the high cost of installing and maintaining a real security system.

The flashing red light LED makes this dummy camera looks like an actual operational security camera. Additionally, it is an excellent deterrent for thieves, easily mounted anywhere on the ceiling or wall. 

  • Built-in continuous flashing light and fake IR LED
  • Can be mounted on wall or ceiling. Easy and quick to install
  • Cheap and effective way to deter criminals
  • Looks extremely realistic with fake lens and dummy IR illumination
  • Power: Requires: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Package: 1x Dome Fake Dummy Security Camera


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